Friday, August 12, 2011

Scary song of the week: Fright Night

Every great movie from the 1980s had its own theme song, sometimes by a hugely poplar band and sometimes by a band no one had heard of. Like the movie of the same name, "Fright Night" by the J. Geils Band is somewhere in between.

"We're all in for a frightening night," the song states. That is the experience many people had with the original film and that many hope from the remake being released a week from today. The song itself isn't that scary, unless it brings back memories of '80s fashion or other New Wave bands from the era. I was just a little kid, but I still remember the horrors of mile-high bangs, jelly shoes, and leg warmers.

That is the sound of the J. Geils Band. If you hear any of their songs, you immediately think of the Reagan era. It's almost impossible not to.

The '80s also sparked the modern "goth" craze. There isn't a goth attribute that can't be traced back to something in the '80s. J. Geils was by no means a goth band, but there was plenty of crossover between full-on goth acts and New Wave.

Warning Signs is using "Fright Night" to jump start a week of vampire coverage leading up to the release of the new film. I guarantee there will be more '80s references than you can shake a wooden stake at.

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