Saturday, August 20, 2011

Horror Writers Association will pick best vampire novel of the century

Bram Stoker created a lasting image of horror when he published "Dracula" in 1987. Stoker died in 1912.

To commemorate the 100 years since his passing, the Horror Writers Association will present the Bram Stoker Vampire Novel of the Century during the 2012 Stoker Awards ceremony held in conjunction with the World Horror Convention in Salt Lake City next spring.

(This is exciting and not just because your humble narrator happens to be on the WHC committee.)

A five-member jury will select six nominees and then decide the winner. If I was on the jury, which I'm not, I have a good idea about what my choices would be. Nominees are scheduled to be announced in late January 2012.

What do you think? What is the greatest vampire novel published since 1912? (Vampire series aren't eligible. That means "Interview with the Vampire" could get picked but the Vampire Chronicles as a collective can't. Ditto for "Twilight" and its follow-ups.)

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