Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dear Wes Craven

Dear Mr. Craven,

First of all, happy 72nd birthday. That's probably a lot older than the nihilistic young man who made "Last House on the Left" ever thought he'd live. Congratulations on living through the triumphs of "A Nightmare on Elm Street," "The Hills Have Eyes,""The Serpent and the Rainbow," and the "Scream" franchise. Congratulations, also, on somehow surviving "Swamp Thing," "The People Under the Stairs," "Cursed," "Vampire in Brooklyn," and "My Soul to Take."

Somehow, in between most of the junk your name has been attached to, you made "Red Eye," an under appreciated thriller, and the meta-fiction joy that was "New Nightmare." So thanks for that.

Thanks for Freddy, for supporting "Feast," for giving Alexandre Aja his American cinema break, for having a hand in "Paris, J'Taime," and for never giving up, even when you had to shoot the same movie twice (and probably wasn't much better in its released form than in its original).

The truth is, Wes-- I feel like I can call you Wes-- we horror fans might not rush out to see your next theatrical release, but we'll still see it, download it, queue it up on Netflix. Because we love Ed Wood and Roger Corman and because we love you. Just keep plugging away, giving us our American nightmares.

Have a happy birthday and sleep well tonight. Perhaps our nightmares are worse than yours, but then again, we didn't have to work with Skeet Ulrich and Matt Lillard.

Your fans

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  1. I definitely share your sentiments about Wes Craven. He has some classics under his belt, but he also has a lot of stinkers. I am a Craven fan, but I can think of several other directors who are more deserving of the "Master of Horror" title. :)