Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Bride was a redhead

I scored the above poster for $6 at The Vintage Shop in Selah, Washington, yesterday. This is a very important poster. No, it's not an original poster from 1935. What is important is that it is in color.

I want you to look very closely at the image of the Bride of Frankenstein. What do you see?

What color is the Bride's hair?

That's right, the Bride of Frankenstein (actress Elsa Lanchester, to be precise) was a redhead. In other words, all the images of the Bride with black hair and the white lightening bolt are wrong. Need more proof?

That settle it for you? Look, I know that not everyone can have wonderful auburn tresses like Lanchester's (or your humble narrator's, for example), but that's no reason for all those black wigs you see at Halloween. I say embrace the redheaded Bride. Somebody out there needs to seize this opportunity and make redhaired Bride of Frankenstein wigs.

Until then, I shall bask in the presence of my recent purchase.

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