Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So, you like "Evil Dead," do you?

Hey, even my wife likes tolerates "Army of Darkness." That's not quite the same as liking "Evil Dead" or "Evil Dead 2" but it's close enough.

Above is an all-too-brief clip from "Evil Dead: The Musical." Warning Signs is working on a horror musical piece as we speak. "Evil Dead: The Musical" is playing Portland, Ore., on July 22 and 23. Buy tickets here. According to the main site, the show will swing through Seattle on Oct. 22-Nov. 12.

If I'm not mistaken, there's something else that opening night in Seattle. Oh, yeah. ZomBcon!

Just in case you thought that was all of the "Evil Dead" news for today, you should continue reading for more.

Two of the horror websites I admire are Dread Central and Bloody Disgusting. They always have great information and awesome exclusives. Among the news were the following two tidbits:

Is Sam Raimi secretly directing "Evil Dead 4?" As glorious as that would be, 'tis not so. Fret not, fellow travelers.

Director for "Evil Dead 4!" If you clicked the first link and followed the updates, you already knew this. Raimi is helping prep the film but is going to let Fede Alvarez take the helm. Bloody Disgusting has a clip of Alrarez's "Panic Attack" that is worth watching. Go here for the Dread Central version (who actually broke the news first.)

So there you go. "Evil Dead" lives.

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