Friday, July 29, 2011

Scary song of the week: Pet Sematary

I'm in a Stephen King mood. (not that I'm ever not in the mood for anything King. More on this later.) This means that the Scary Song of the Week is "Pet Sematary," performed by the Ramones for the 1989 film.

It's a good Ramones tune: short, three cords, catchy chorus. King has never been shy about his love for the band, including writing the liner notes to "We're a Happy Family," the Rob Zombie-produced Ramones tribute album. King and the Ramones are a lot alike. They thrived on taking the everyday and twisting it into something darker and more sinister.

For "Pet Sematary," the Ramones went for a Romero-esque black and white video that makes one wonder what "Pet Sematary" the movie would have been like if Romero had been at the helm.

Not that the movie is bad. Director Mary Lambert (who I've sort of worked with, but she'd never remember me) crafted a harrowing family film with one of the all-time great endings. The Ramones tune follows that ending, playing over the end credits. Having an eponymous title track puts the film squarely in the tradition of 1980s movies, but feels more underground than it really is. By 1989, the Ramones-- and King-- weren't exactly secrets anymore. Now, 22 years later, "Pet Sematary" (film and song) are classics.

Check out the song. Even better, watch "Pet Sematary" again and wait for the credits to roll.

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