Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rubber: it's only a movie

It can be difficult to suspend disbelief for the 90 minutes it takes to watch the average horror movie. Lame plots, dull effects and bad acting serve to constantly remind us that we are watching a movie, that this isn't real.

Quentin Dupieux took those elements and made a movie of them.

"Rubber" is the story of a tire that discovers it has horrible powers and proceeds to blow people's heads off while rolling around on its own. Believe it or not, this description was enough to get me to watch the movie.

Think about it. How many Michael Meyers and Leatherface knock-offs can there be? Does the world really need another silent, masked slasher? Why the hell not watch a movie about a tire that should have been recruited by Scanners?

If this is not absurd enough, Dupieux decided to make a movie about watching movies. From an opening monologue about how things happen in movies for no reason, Dupieux purposefully mocks his own -- and every other-- ridiculous plot. One "audience member" even confronts two characters about dragging out a situation when it could have been ended much sooner and with better results.

While much of the film seems to happen "for no reason," it is all on purpose. The stilted acting, absurd plot and cheap (but effective) special effects are all part of the overall concept. Dupieux made a bad movie on purpose.

That it turned out pretty good is just a bonus for horror fans who are used to bad movies.

Threat level: RED. You've seen a bunch of movies like this, but you'll never see anything quite like "Rubber." (For an explanation of Warning Signs ratings, see our Warning System page.)

"Rubber," rated R, was written and directed by Quentin Dupieux and stars Stephen Spinella, Wings Hauser and a very special tire. Currently available on Netflix Instant Watch.

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