Sunday, July 10, 2011

Follow the Fright Night Feeding Frenzy

Warning Signs is excited about the new "Fright Night" coming out in August. As much as I gripe about remakes, I can't help but love some of them. The original came out in 1985, so that meets the Warning Signs 25-30 year moratorium on remakes.

Some time between now and the Aug. 19 release, you can expect to read my thoughts on the original film (and how awesome I think Roddy McDowell is) and, hopefully, a review of the new flick afterward.

Until then, you can enter the Fright Night Feeding Frenzy. Prizes are awarded based on how many clicks you get get on your links to the site. I want to win stuff and I know you do, too. So here's the deal: Click on my link here, sign up yourself and leave your link in the comments. I will click you in return.


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