Sunday, July 31, 2011

Auction of the Apes

Right now, there are 388 items on eBay related to "Planet of the Apes," ranging from action figures, posters, buttons, and costumes.

If you are interested, you can get Dr. Zaius on horseback. You can get an old hardcover of Pierre Boulle's original novel or a coloring book.

But why not go just a bit further into fandom? Why not bid on Planet of the Apes the Boardgame? Or maybe you are a teacher and want to help students learn about the relationship between man and apes. If so, you need "Planets of the Apes: A Guide and Commentary for Teachers and Students."

I'm not making this stuff up. "Planet of the Apes" was the model on merchandising for "Star Wars." There's such a wide variety of PoA stuff out there it's almost unfathomable. Almost as unfathomable as asking why I don't own this.

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