Friday, June 17, 2011

Should I watch "The Human Centipede"?

It's a question that has been on my mind. "The Human Centipede" is being called one of the most extreme films ever made. I've read that there is little gore in the Dutch film, but the subject matter is hard to handle.

If you haven't heard, "The Human Centipede" is a movie about a doctor who joins three tourists together front to rear.

Any reasonable person would stop right there and just say no. I'm not entirely reasonable, but I do have my limits.

Horror, however, is the one genre were limits are meant to be pushed and passed. I will leave it to you, Warning Signs readers. I'll give you a week. Comment here or send me an email (found in the Make Contact page).

And no, I won't have trouble acquiring the movie. It's available on Netflix Instant Watch. If you want, you can see a trailer here.

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