Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kicking the undead horse

As the summer TV season gets off the ground, there's been a lot written lately about the "True Blood" series. Going on my sixth or so year without television of any sort, I haven't seen it. But I've been really enjoying reading every TV writer from Rolling Stone to USA Today trip over themselves gushing about how great this show is.

Now, normally, all this great publicity would inspire a person to invest some time with the Internet and watch a few episodes online.

The problem is, I've already seen it. I watched "True Blood" in seasons 1-7 of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

Now before all your real fans boo me off the stage with your righteous indignation, consider this piece from a recent USA Today, just oozing with how clever the shows creators are for allowing mere mortals to discover true power in the form of witchcraft.

Hello? Willow? She nearly destroyed the world, after all.

I'm not saying it's a straight up rip off; I'm sure it has its own unique elements, but let's not sit back and let the media pretend that this show is ripe with earth-shattering revelations when it comes to supernatural vampire shows. (Humor me, and try this take, click here)

You can mess with myths, origins and shake up the lore all you want to, but when it comes to vampires -- it's been done. (You can even make them glitter, but I'd rather you didn't.)

So what's the real problem here? The lack of history and perspective in our collective media memory? Or is it purely a lack, or complete unavailability of, new ideas?

TJ already touched on one of my favorite vampire shake-up stories, "Dracula 2000,"which at least offered us a unique origin for my favorite monster.

Beyond that, what's next? A revamp (haha) of the original Dracula -- in 3D. Is that really the best we can expect? Undead Johnny Depp has a lot of potential, of course, but again not an original plot line.

Perhaps we vampire fans should be satisfied to continue kicking the undead horse of vampire mythology.

Sure as hell beats getting another "Twilight."

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