Friday, June 24, 2011

Cusack conquers Poe's last days

There are some photos out there of John Cusack in the tentatively titled "The Raven," a film covering the last days of Edgar Allan Poe.

According to the synopsis, Poe gets caught up in the chase for a serial killer which leads to his own demise.

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Now let's talk about this for a little while. First of all, the scheduled release date is March 9, 2012. I can wait but only because I have to. My love for Poe is near-obsessive. I have a Poe doll for crying out loud. I devoted a previous post to Poe and Vincent Price.  I have called Poe the grandfather of all horror and I mean that with all sincerity.

Because I love Poe so much, I get skeptical any time news of Poe coming to the big screen is made public.

Before his death, there was talk of Michael Jackson playing Poe. There is still talk of Mark Walhberg playing Poe in a sci-fi film of some sort. The most successful recent Poe portrayal was that of Jeffrey Combs in the Masters of Horror episode "The Black Cat."

I think Cusack will be great in this film. Cusack is like a poor man's Johnny Depp. Depp could play Poe, I'm sure. But I like the idea of giving the part to the more grounded Cusack. His performance in the Stephen King adaptation "1408" was nothing less than a masterpiece of tension. That is what the role of Poe needs. Poe is not a lunatic. Poe is a normal guy who had a rough life and drank too much. He's smart and acerbic. He has weaknesses and perversions. He's sarcastic and dynamic.

So here I am, waiting until March. Until then, I have plenty of books, audio and Vincent Price movies to hold me over.

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